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InfoMarketer (BizBlueprint) Money Back Guarantee


Our Money Back Guarantee is crafted to reduce the risk for our clients. We are absolutely confident in our product and service.

PLEASE READ: Understanding the 4 segments of our Money Back Guarantee.



Our Money Back Guarantee extends thirty (30) days from your 1st payment, deposit or transaction for services. Generally the 1st 30 days are invested in activities that include but not limited to on boarding, business model discovery and designing the look, feel and theme of your online business. During this time you will have an understanding of the trajectory of your project and can at anytime during this initial thirty (30) day period receive your money back.



Money Back Guarantee has some basic conditions or requirements:

You as the client will have a specific roll in the process of building your online business. This process is collaborative and what we like to term a “Done with You” service.

  1. Client must attend ALL scheduled appointments.
  2. Client must respond to ALL forms of communication.
  3. Client must submit ALL content required to complete the project.
  4. Client must convey ALL preferences & examples to be used through the duration of the project.
  5. Client must make ALL payments according to agreement, written or verbal.


Money Back Guarantee covers the following aspects of your experience:

  1. Satisfaction Guaranteed regarding the look and feel of your online business.
  2. Satisfaction Guaranteed regarding your experience with our team.
  3. Satisfaction Guaranteed regarding our professional expertise and guidance.
  4. Satisfaction Guaranteed regarding our punctual approach with development.


The Money Back Guarantee is activated upon your 1st payment, deposit or transaction. Guarantee is valid for the initial 30 Day period from time and date of purchase.


What is Not Covered

The Money Back Guarantee in no way shape or form guarantees your income or success and is not responsible for the success or failure of your business. You take full responsibilty for decisions and any income relevant to projects or service with our company.

Folr further information about refunds please review section 5a and 5b:

Refund Details

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